Health care

                                                                                                                     Health care includes a specific set of basic services that provide treatment 
for Heath problems in addition to preventing diseases and improving health behaviors, provided by the state to care for the health of citizens, so institutions in the public sector or the private sector do so, and they include all hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics, and work in them Human resources such as: doctors, nurses, and everyone working in the medical field or medical research.

Aspects of health care                                                                                   

The World Health Organization has identified several health requirements as follows.

Safety and Peace: A person’s sense of safety is one of the essentials that must be available for a person to lead a healthy life free of stress , and injuries.

Habitat: It is considered necessary to maintain the health of the members of the same family.

Education: Education helps increase people's awareness of public health and ways to preserve it.

Food: Proper nutrition that includes eating balanced and integrated meals that contain all the nutrients is one of the basic principles of maintaining health and avoiding many diseases.

Income: As the poverty of the factors that negatively affect physical health, psychological, social, and provide appropriate income helps to meet the basic needs of individuals.

Environmental stability: the general health of individuals is harmed if any environmental defect occurs, such as: acid rain, widening the ozone hole, or natural disasters such as floods.

 Resource sustainability: as the availability of resources of all kinds: natural, human, and material, and their uninterruptedness helps maintain health. Social justice and

equality: All individuals in all spheres of life must be equal and given all rights, and health is one of the rights that every person should have.

It is clear from the health requirements mentioned above that the responsibility for providing them does not lie only with the medical system, as health is not taken with a medical prescription, but it requires the concerted efforts of all sectors of society, such as: the health sector, the environment, educational, social, productive, and others.

Health care is not a gift or an act of benevolence. Rather, it is a basic human right. It includes freedoms and what human beings deserve. People must be free to make decisions about their health regardless of who they are, where they live, what they think or how they earn. A living.

and every one right enjoy highest level of high quality health services reasonable prices and freedom from discrimination and coercion, as the enjoyment right to health demonstrates respect for integrity individual physical and mental ability to participate and contribute to society.