first aid

 Every person is exposed to injury in any situation, whether at work or abroad, so the victim's assistance is necessary and vital, in order to reduce the complications that a person may be exposed to as a result of the injury. The band aid also helps to quickly care for the injured person at the scene of the event, which prevents any complications or other injuries.

Definition of first aid

First aid is defined as the initial aid given to a person with a sudden illness or accident, in order to preserve the life of the injured and prevent any complications until the medical team arrives .

It is also known as the temporary primary care that a person gets when he is suddenly exposed to an emergency health condition, in order to save his life until the doctor arrives to provide specialized care for him or transfer him to a hospital or medical clinic, and the emergency can be in the form of wounds , Bleeding, fainting, or fractures.

First aid targets

There are several goals for first aid, including:

  • Preventing the death of an infected person, and this is by:

  - Stop bleeding .
  - Restore her affected condition.
  - Reopening the airways if they are blocked.
  • Work to expedite the recovery of the injured person, by:

 - Reducing the pain of the affected person.
 - Reassuring the victim of his condition.
 - Cover the patient, in order to maintain his body temperature.
 - Treating different conditions as appropriate.
  •  Ensure that the patient's condition does not deteriorate, and that is by:

 - Clean the wound. 
 - Installing fractions .
 - The position of the victim’s body is the appropriate position for his condition.
In the case of shortness of breath, the injured person should be seated for half a session. Leg and thigh, until the lower muscles are relaxed.

Principles of first aid

  • First aid follows several principles, which are:
  • Control of the event's position completely.
  • Not to consider the injured person dead, and aspects of life were removed from him such as pulse or breathing.
  • Removal of the affected person from the source of the danger. Attention to cardiac resuscitation, artificial respiration, and trauma.
  • Caring for an infected person before being taken to hospital.
  •  Pay attention to the comfort of the affected person.
  •  Interest in writing down and storing all information about the accident and the procedures followed.

 The importance of first aid
 Familiarity with the methods of first aid is a necessity for every individual in society, as it is extremely important, especially in the first minutes of a person’s injury. It is possible that the injured person’s recovery depends on the speed of his first aid in the correct way, so all workers and producers in factories and various establishments must have complete knowledge of the rules First aid, in order to be able to contribute to reducing the pain caused by the injury, and to work to prevent any complications that threaten the life of the affected person.