The difference between mental and mental illness

Since 1949 and May the month "Mental Awareness and Education" began this tradition the American Mental Health Organization in an attempt to lift stigma and shame on patients and their families, and help them to reduce suicide rates among them, and several organizations in different countries have joined them to raise awareness of behavior, negative and misconceptions that Surrounding this disease.
Awareness of mental illness is necessary, at the outset, to distinguish it from mental illness, as many confuse the two.
Perhaps because of the historical view that was chasing mental and mental illnesses as an evil and control of malicious spirits and an act of Satan, the sick were seen as pariahs and were often killed to get rid of them and the demons that wore them.
Mental and psychological
There is no boundary between mental and psychological diseases, and the reason is that each of them affects the other, so a mental illness such as obsessive-compulsive disorder or depression may turn into mental illness and vice versa, which made psychologists tend to release the name of mental disorders to include mental and mental diseases, But some specialists distinguish between mental and mental illnesses, on the basis that mental illnesses are of functional origin, while neurological diseases are caused by a disorder in the central nervous system.
 the difference between the two, saying that mental illness is linked to disorders or malfunctions in brain cells or chemistry, in which case it is a "primary" mental illness, while mental illness can be dependent or secondary, meaning that A person has an organic disease such as liver or cancer that affects brain cells and makes him mentally ill
While mental illness is an emotional disorder associated with feelings, mood and outlook on life.

The difference between mental illness and mental illness lies in the following:

1 - A patient of mental illness is aware that he is ill while a patient of mental illness is unaware that he is a patient and he rejects this idea from the ground

2 - The patient’s awareness of the mental illness that he is a patient pushes him to seek treatment and this benefits him in his speed of recovery while not realizing A patient with mental illness because he is a patient prevents him from seeking treatment and this causes his condition to be delayed and deteriorated

3- A patient with mental illness - in most cases - and not at all is not considered a danger to society or those around him while a patient with mental illness - in most cases - it is dangerous to leave without Note and attention

4- As we said in the previous point, the patient of mental illness is not considered a danger to himself or to society, but this is not at all. There are some cases of mental illness that are deteriorating and difficult to treat. It may be very dangerous to leave without observation and close monitoring and may be a danger to the owners. Many cases of suicide have been observed in some patients with depression in its deteriorating stages.

5. Generally, not at all. Psychiatric illness is considered lighter and less harmful and treatment and recovery can be accomplished easily, while the patient of mental illness suffers a lot and his treatment is delayed (this is also generally not Face of release)

6- But on the other hand, there are also some mental illnesses that take a long time to treat and may not complete treatment for the whole face, for example, obsessive-compulsive and compulsive disease.

7- Many mental illnesses are characterized by the entry of unusual phenomena on the patient such as obsessions, delusions, audiovisual hallucinations and suspicions, as the mental patient may see some diseases in front of him as predators, lives, snakes, or frightening monsters attacking him or hearing voices whispering or perhaps screaming around him threatening to kill or slaughter Which may cause him to escape from it, and perhaps running away from it may cause him to throw himself from the balcony of the building, and he will fall fast

8 - As we have said, the patient of mental illness has many doubts about others, so he doubts that the closest people to him are planning to cause harm and harm to him, and perhaps the mental patient saw his brother or friend Or his wife, father, or mother are talking on the phone and he cannot clearly see the details of the conversation, so he immediately suspects that they are whispering to plot an attempt to kill him, which calls him to take a hostile position that may be very dangerous and may reach the killing of the other party or seek to kill him, believing that he is defending himself

9- The mental patient lives a huge number of delusions, including delusions of grandeur, some of whom believe that they have become prophets revealed to them and some may think that he is Napoleon Bonaparte and some may think that he is the awaited Mahdi or that he is Isa Ibn Maryam descended from heaven to save mankind or that he is Hitler or the like

10-think He is mentally ill because he lives in this life deprived of the truth and the people have covered him his right and he is supposed to be in the leadership position in his work if it were not for the injustice done to him and we will be exposed to all this in more detail and clarification in other articles on the site soon, God willing

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